Dr David Lindsay, Animal Chiropractor/Veterinarian 

Just as humans do, pets get sore backs too.

This is Tuesday when first seen she was paralysed unable to stand or work her tail

but look at what happened with some chiropractic help.

If an animal has a spine chiropractic therapy is possible.

If your pet is paralysed or wobbly in the back legs see what I can do without surgery.

If it has trouble going up or  down steps that's a sign.

If your dog suddenly cries for no apparent reason in the night.

If your cat claws at its face give me a call.

If your pet is lame in the front legs and just won't respond to your vet's treatment it might not be arthritis.

Before committing to hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees give chiropractic a go it just might give your kids a better Xmas.