Dr David Lindsay, Animal Chiropractor/Veterinarian 

Just as humans do, pets get sore backs too.

Chiropractic Philosophy:

As a conventional veterinary surgeon I do not set out to claim that I can treat medical cases with chiropractic. However, I often feel that through chiropractic therapy I can improve the sense of well being in pets with medical or surgical conditions. It is a similar effect to having a massage or a warm bath when we are feeling off colour.

The chiropractic philosophy basically says that because all cells and tissues in the body (with the possible exception of blood cells) are in contact with nerve fibres and through them the central nervous system (the spinal chord and the brain), if the nervous system is disrupted the target organs and cells may also dysfunction.

Nerves carry messages from the brain to target organs, and conversely from organs to the brain.

Those nerves must pass through small canals between the vertebrae. When the spine moves the vertebrae massage the nerves and that helps to keep them in a healthy state. If two vertebrae become locked the nerve passing between them is poorly massaged and messages can be obstructed. Then the brain and target cells may fail to communicate.

From head to pelvis there are about 143 joints in the spine. Chiropractic treatments aim to optimise nervous activity by eliminating situations which compromise movement of any one of the joints in the spinal column.

Sometimes health practitioners become very involved in ongoing cases and it can be difficult "to see the wood from the trees".Then an alternative opinion is often helpful.

Sometimes a chiropractor can resolve an unresponsive medical problem and sometimes a conventional medical practitioner will resolve an unresponsive chiropractic problem. When this happens it is not that one is right and one is wrong it is just that by changing the perspective of examination and knowledge another light shines upon the problem.